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The Downtown Farmers Market

Violation Fees

Violation Fees

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This is a live event that is open to the public every weekend. We pride ourselves on showcasing the best our community can offer. As market facilitators, we do our best to make the market easy, approachable, and fun. But there are still rules and a mutual respect that needs to be fostered.

                        Downtown Farmers Market Fees:

  1. Late Payment Fee $15: You do not pay your booth invoice by Thursday at 1 pm.
  2. Cancellation within 24 hrs. $25: Canceling within 1 calendar day of the event. You will not be charged cancellation fee Sunday- Thursday and are allowed to cancel.
  3. No Show Fee $35: This is any cancellation wherein you tried to cancel after 6PM after Friday before the market. This is after staff hours and the staff does not check messages/e-mails the Saturday morning of the event.
  4. Late Set-up Fee $25: This is for not being completely set up and ready to go by 15 minutes to open (excluding minor tweaks to displays). This is a liability issue to have vendors still setting up while patrons are shopping. 
  5. Market Property Damages $25: This is specifically for cones but can extend to any property of DTFM that you damage. This fine will be sent for running over cones, dragging cones under your car, abusing the market cart, hitting the market trailer, etc. IF YOU RENDER A CONE UNUSABLE YOU WILL BE CHARGED THE FULL REPLACEMENT COST OF $40.    
  6. Clean Up Fine $25: You are required to leave your space completely clean of all trash, debris, and evidence that you were there. If you leave trash and DTFM staff are forced to clean up after you, you will be charged a cleanup fine. 
  7. Trash Removal $5 a bag: We as a market team collect and haul all trash created by the event and patrons enjoying the event, as stated above you as a vendor are responsible for cleanup of any trash YOU produce during the event. If you are relying on the Market team to haul out your trash, there will be a $5/bag fee.
  8. Parking Fine $10: We understand that market days are stressful and confusing and sometimes parking is the last thing on your mind, this fee is for vendors who CONTINUALLY ignore parking instructions and procedures. Making it impossible for farmers to unload, patrons to attend, etc.
  9. Tent Weight Fine $10: regardless of the weather tent weights are required EVERY WEEK. If you don't have tent weights, you will not be allowed to set up.
  10. Improper Electrical Cord Coverage $15: If your cords span any length away from your tent plastic cord coverings must be laid down to prevent tripping. 


Nothing is more disruptive to that environment than vendors not ready to open, showcasing a professional booth. No vendor is allowed to set-up within 15min of the market opening. If you are still setting up your booth when we are open to the public, it is an insurance liability and hinders the atmosphere. You will be charged a $25 late fee. You will not be allowed to participate in the event until your fees are paid.


No joke, hours' worth of work goes into hosting this event each week. We make vendor slides, send the newsletter, meticulously plan booth spots each week to ensure flow and benefit the vendors around you. We also accept/waitlist artists into the market based on who is currently participating. IF YOU NO CALL NO SHOW WITH NO COMMUNICATION WITH THE STAFF OR WITHIN 24 HRS YOU WILL BE CHARGED A NO SHOW FEE OF $35. 



Invoice Payments are due at 1PM the Thursday of the market you are attending. Any invoice that isn't paid by 1PM on Thursday will be charged a $15 late fee that will be added to your outstanding invoice.


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All of our merchandise is locally designed & printed. So not only does your purchase support the Market, it also supports the small local businesses we commission. It's the gift that keeps giving.

Every farmer, maker, and baker has their own story to tell. Be a part of that every Saturday by supporting local at the Downtown Farmers Market.